Budget & Finance

The City Council is required to adopt an annual budget by June 30, prior to the beginning of the biennial budget cycle. The budgets are adopted on a basis that does not differ materially from Generally Accepted Accounting Priniciples (GAAP). An appropriated annual budget is legally adopted for the General and Special Revenue Governmental Funds. Annual appropriated budgets are not adopted for Debt Service Funds because bond indentures are used as the method for dequate budgetary control.

Capital Projects Funds do not have annual appropriated budgets. Instead, control over projects is maintained by means of a project-length capital improvement budget. This project-length budget authorizes total expenditures over the uration of a construction project, rather than year by year. Additionally, planned expenditures for the capital projects and purchases for the current budget cycle are reflected within the operating budgets of the appropriate fund whose resources are used to fund the project.