MWTR Kids' Fun Run T-Shirt Design Contest 2013

The Mount Wilson Trail Race is a historic community event in Sierra Madre and is celebrating it’s 105th anniversary and 47th running in 2013. Eight years ago a Kids’ Fun Run was added to the event with great success with each year exceeding the previous.

In an effort to expand and promote the Kids’ Fun Run the first ever MWTR Kids’ Fun Run T-Shirt Design Contest was held in 2012. Due to the contest's success in 2012 the Mount Wilson Trail Race Committee will continue to offer the Kids’ Fun Run T-Shirt Design Contest. Youth in grades Kindergarten - 8th can participate in the contest. The winning piece of artwork will become the T-Shirt design for the 2013 MWTR Kids’ Fun Run and will be worn by approximately 200 Kids’ Fun Run participants. The winning artist will be recognized at the Mount Wilson Trail Race.