False Alarm Reduction and Registration Program

Nearly 98% of all security alarm calls are false alarms.

In an effort to reduce false alarms and conserve valuable City resources, the City of Sierra Madre is partnering with PM AM Corporation to implement and administer an Alarm Permit Program for residents and business within the City of Sierra Madre.

Initial Alarm Registration:

The City of Sierra Madre False Alarm Registration Program requires all residents and businesses with burglary alarms to register by completing an online permit application and paying the registration fee.

To Register:

Log on to the third party website that has been established to assist City of Sierra Madre customers obtain their alarm permits at: www.famspermit.com/SierraMadre

City of Sierra Madre False Alarm Reduction Program P.O. Box 141868 
Irving, TX 75014


For any questions related to the City of Sierra Madre Alarm Program, please call PM AM Corporation toll-free at       (888) 910-8421 Monday to Friday 6:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

*The annual registration fee will not apply to Fire and Life Safety systems or Med-Alert systems.  

Annual registration fee:

Residential Burglary Alarm Permit: $30.00 per year

Commercial Burglary Alarm Permit: $50.00 per year

What are the fines associated with false alarms?

(Effective January 1, 2019)


1st False Alarm -    Warning

2nd False Alarm -   $50.00

3rd False Alarm, and thereafter       $150.00ea


Unregistered locations and

locations with expired alarm

permits are subject to

higher fines.