Application for Commissions, Boards, and Committees

Application for Commissions, Boards, and Committees

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Commission/Board/Committee for which you are applying:
Why are you interested in serving as a member of this commission/board/committee?
What specific attitudes, skills and expertise do you think you have to enhance the work of the commission/board/committee?

Service History:

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Name of Commission, Board, or Committee:
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Name of Commission, Board, or Committee:
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You are invited to attach addittional information or submit supplemental information which you feel may assist the City Council in its evaluation. Supplemental information is subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act.

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Information on the procedure:

The application process may take from sic weeks to two months or longer. Vacancies are advertised for approximately 30 to 60 days. A final deadline is established upon the receipt of three or four submitted applications. (See Resolution 12-82) The City Council will review all applications and may individually call you to conduct an interview. All appointments to Comissions/Boards/Committees are done at a City Council meeting. Your attendance at the Council meeting is recommended, but not required. You may be asked to explain your interest in serving on the Commission/Board/Committee.

Full/Unexpired term:

Full terms vary by commission/board/committee, but are for no more than four years. Members are generally limited to two consecutive terms. if a person is appointed to fill an unexpired term, that time will not be considered a full term.

Time Commitments

Serving on a City Commission, Board, or Committee may require one or two night meetings per month, with each meeting averaging three to four hours. You may also be asked to serve on additional subcommittees. Members are expected to atrend all meetings an attendance less than two-thirds of scheduled meetings, or unexcused absence at three meetings in a row may result in removal. Information about the meeting times and dates of each Commission, Board, or Committee is available on the City's website or from the corresponding Department.

Application Certification:

By accepting below, I understand that the information in 'personal information', 'commission/committee', and 'service hsitory' and any seperate attachments are subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act. The 'personal information' is not subject to disclosure. Further, I understand that members of all Boards, Commissions and Committees may be subject to filing the Fair Political Practice Commissions's Statement of Economic Interest Form 700 relating to financial disclosures and must complete mandatory ethics training as require by law. 

*I accept all terms and conditions.

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