Historic Preservation

51 properties listed on Sierra Madre's Designated Historical Properties List are examples of the character and history that reflect the City's cultural, historical and architectural heritage. The sites may be associated with local, state, or national cultural, social, economic, political, or natural history events or persons significant to the history of Sierra Madre. They may represent an architectural style or method of construction from a notable builder, designer or architect. These properties represent the best preserved historic foundations to bridge the past with future generations and for all to appreciate, enjoy, and understand the rich heritage of the City.

Mills Act

The Mills Act (Government Code section 50280, et seq.) allows cities discretion to enter into contracts with the owners of qualified historical properties for the purpose of preserving, restoring and rehabilitating historical properties. The City Council has stayed the acceptance of future Mills Act applications until a review of existing Mills Act contracts is complete.

The City of Sierra Madre allows a property owner of a structure designated as a City Historic Landmark to apply for a Mills Act Contract. This contract is an agreement between the City and the owner of the landmark structure. The agreement requires the owner of the property to undertake specific restoration tasks specified in the contract and to properly maintain the historic landmark. In exchange for this, the owner benefits from a reduction in property taxes. Mills Act contracts extend for a period of ten (10) years, and are automatically renewed on an annual basis on the anniversary of the contract and therefore can run in perpetuity with the property. The obligations of the contract are binding upon all successive owners during the lifetime of the contract. To end a contract, either party may submit a notice of non-renewal which will terminate the contract at the end of the ten (10) year period.

The Mills Act contracts are granted by the City Council following a review and recommendation by the Planning Commission who performs the duties of the Cultural Heritage Commission.

As part of the approval, applicants are required to file a Historic Property Preservation Agreement with the County of Los Angeles. The agreement states that during the term of the agreement, the property shall preserve and maintain the characteristics of cultural and historical significance and the owner shall submit an annual report to Planning and Community Preservation which shall specify the work completed during the year to fulfill the requirements of their contract. The owner shall also restore the property according to the rules of the Office of Historic Preservation. The owner shall not block view corridors and the owner shall allow for reasonable periodic examinations that may be necessary to determine compliance with their agreement.

Mills Act Application Process

Property owners must:

  1. Submit a completed application to the Planning and Community Preservation Department.
  2. Review and recommendation is received by the Planning Commission.
  3. City Council makes the following findings
    • The Mills Act Contract will serve to compensate for the cost of rehabilitating and or maintaining the cultural resource. The submission of a proforma, in addition to a rehabilitation plan cost estimate and Mills Act Financial Analysis Form will be required to make this finding.
    • The rehabilitation of the resource will occur prior to, or in conjunction with, the use of the Mills Act Contract that it will not impair the architectural, historic or aesthetic integrity of the cultural resource.
  4. Approved applicants file a Historic Property Preservation Agreement with the County of Los Angeles.

Visit our City of Sierra Madre, CA flickr gallery made from images in the Sierra Madre Historical Archives.

Sierra Madre Designated Historical Landmarks

1. 49 E. Alegria Ave.
Casa de Monte Lado (House of the Mountain Side) - 1906

2. J. Gamble Carson House-1914
331 E. Alegria Ave.

3. Dupre-Nash House-1918
551 Alta Vista Drive

4. Willis Residence – 1941
650 Baldwin Court

5. Hawks & Copps Building-1887
(c.1889-Hotel Shirley)
26 N. Baldwin Ave.

6. Craftsman Bungalow-1908
169 N. Baldwin Ave.

7. William Deutsch House-1883
229 N. Baldwin Ave.

8. Ascension Church-1888
240 N. Baldwin Ave.

9. Twycross House-1914
123 S. Baldwin Ave.

10. El Retiro (Webb House)-1911
171 S. Baldwin Ave.

10.  Webster House – 1906
101 W. Bonita Ave.

11. Knott-Klemme Residence-1914
354 N. Canon Ave.

12. Arthur Carter House-1906
425 N. Canon Ave.

13.  Fraiberg Residence/Mt. Glen Healthatarium-1916
304-306 Churchill Rd.

14. Climie Sisters House- 1907 
252 E. Grand View Ave.  

15. Karl Graf House “Austrian Vacation Villa” -1920s
355 E. Grand View Ave.

16. C.J. Pegler House-1906
375 E. Grand View Ave.

17. Emile Deutsch House & Cigar Factory-1885 
20 W. Grand View Ave.

18. Norris House-1884
80 W. Grand View Ave.

19. Spanish Colonial Revival-1927
585 W. Grand View Ave.

20. J.C. Pegler House-1894
419 E. Highland Ave.

21. J.C. Pegler Carriage House-1895 
423 E. Highland Ave.

22. Sierra Madre Elementary School-1930
141 W. Highland Ave.

23.  First Church of Christ Scientist
186 W. Highland Ave. 

24. Decker House-1890
427 W. Highland Ave.

25. Bailey House -1910
470 W. Highland Ave.

26. Barlow Villa (Alverno High School)-1928
675 W. Highland Ave.

27. Bayard-Webster House- 1912
305 E. Laurel Ave.

28. Emile Deutsch Cigar Factory-1885
30 W. Laurel Ave.

29. Pinney House (Sierra Vista Hotel)-1887
225 N. Lima St.

30. Hunting Lodge-1887
145 S. Lima St.

31. Sierra Bonita Ranch 
“Yerxa House”-1911
40 Lowell Avenue

32. Clark Carriage House-1885
180 S. Michillinda Ave.

33. Mt. Wilson Trail-1864
167 E. Mira Monte Ave.  

34. Richardson House-1890
167 E. Mira Monte Ave.

35. Ocean View House-1882
93 W. Mira Monte Ave.

36. Tufts House-1884
159 W. Montecito Ave.

37. Wilson-Bixby House-1881
397 W. Montecito Ave.

38. Jennie Reeve House -1906
Greene & Greene, Architects
197 N. Mountain Trail Ave.

39. Fletcher House -1890
89 Olive Avenue

40. Blumer Farmhouse - 1883
390 Olive Tree Lane

41. Becker House – 1961
500 Mariposa Avenue

42. W. P. Caley House -1898
233 Ramona Ave.

43. Tucker House-1906
Old Schoolhouse (conversion)
43 Sierra Place

44. George A. Jones Sierra Madre Dairy-1923 
241 E. Sierra Madre Blvd.

45. Pioneer Cemetery-1884
501 E. Sierra Madre Blvd.

46. Old City Hall -1927
55 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.

47. Congregational Church -1928
170 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.

48. Old North Church -1890
191 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.

49. Hart Winery Building (Senior Citizen’s Center) -1884
222 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.

50. Caldwell/Fairbank House-1907
Louis B. Easton, Architect
647 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 

51. Canyon Store, Rooms, & Tea Garden -1913
525 Woodland Drive

52. Rockledge House -1922
651 Woodland Drive

53. Kot Kontent Cabin -1915
697 Woodland Drive