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Administrative Services
Administrative Services
Administrative Services

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services department is responsible for the day-to-day management and administration of the city. The department's mission is to provide high quality administrative, personnel, and financial services to the community and to the users of city information, and to provide access to city information through highly efficient and technically appropriate means. Administrative Services executes the following tasks:

  • Financial Accounting and Reporting: Recording of all transactions in the general ledger of the City, Agency, and Financing Authority; processing of invoices; preparing internal and external financial reports.
  • Asset Management: Investing of idle funds; controlling fixed assets; collecting of amounts receivable; managing return on investment.
  • Debt Service Administration: Coordinating the issuance of debt instruments; ensuring compliance with lender and regulatory restrictions; processing repayments of debt.
  • Budgeting: Projecting revenues: preparing the annual budget document; monitoring compliance with the adopted budget.
  • Information and Communications Systems: Coordinating electronic communications; monitoring and maintaining the city's information and communication systems.
  • Business Licensing: Coordinating the issuance, renewal, and audit of business licenses within the city.
  • Tax and Assessment Administration: Ensuring that all local taxes and assessments are remitted; ensuring that the City receives its portion of taxes and assessments levied by other governments.
  • General Administration: Answering the City's general telephone line; providing internal and external mailing service; coordinating the purchase of office supplies and furnishings.