2012 Window Painting Winners

The 2012 Halloween Window Painting Contest took place this past weekend on Friday, October 26 and Saturday, October 27. 30 teams competed in 4 different age groups with 90 youth participating this year! Awards were given to the top three finishers in each age category.

The City of Sierra Madre would like to thank all the downtown Sierra Madre businesses for donating the use of their windows for this event, and the Sierra Madre Civic Club for assisting with paint distribution and covering the cost of window washing. The City would also like to say thank you to Best Buy Drugs, Casa Del Rey, Sierra Madre Music, Sierra Madre Congregational Church and Yogurt & More for their extra contributions.

Age Group 9-10 Years
  • 1st Place – Johan Thuen and Julian Benson at Prudential California Realty
  • 2nd Place – Madison Willits and Desirae Smotrys at Taylor’s Market #2
  • 3rd Place – Heather Olson, Elise Whitehead, Julia Kelegian, and Lily Hovesepian at Corfu Restaurant
Age Group 11-12 Years
  • 1st Place – Margaret Walters, Emma Allen, and Kate Davey at Buccaneer Lounge
  • 2nd Place – Gray Harman, Maisie Henderson, Ashley Mayo, and Caty Lesse at Chase Bank #2
  • 3rd Place – Amy Stapenhorst and Petra Shair at Salon Zelo
Age Group 13-14 Years
  • 1st Place – Hannah Blank, Emma Blank, and Julia Goff at Pantorium Cleaners
  • 2nd Place – Sophia Cimino, Claire Morrison, and Madison Burge at Villaggio Pizza
  • 3rd Place – Noel Villalobos, Garyn Anderton, Nicole Finochio, and Cady West at Haynes and Oakley
Age Group 15-17 Years
    1st Place – Ellis Eckles, Arine Eisaian, and Emily Pacini at Taco Fiesta