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The Community Services Department offers a variety of excursions throughout the year, such as Whale Watching and Laguna Beach Pageant of the Masters. For information regarding excursions please check the latest edition of the Wistaria Vine.

Day Adventures and Excursions

Join us each month for a different out-of-town adventure.  Trips depart from and return to the Hart Park House in Memorial Park unless otherwise noted in the advertising of the event.  Reservations must be made in advance either in person or online at More information is published in the local paper, Senior Moments newsletters or available online.  Feel free to contact the Community Services Department at 626-355-5278 Ext. 227.



Thank you for your interest in being a Contract Instructor for the City of Sierra Madre Community Services Department. 


A Contract Instructor is an Independent Contractor for the City, not an employee.  A Contract Instructor signs a contract with the City to provide classes as described in the contract proposal.  Instructors do not rent our facilities, however a portion of the fees collected are retained by the City to cover facility usage, registration, administration and promotion of your class.


  • The City agrees to pay the contractor 65% of the registration based on the class participants. Payments will be processed three weeks after the class session begins. The remaining 35% will be used to cover costs of facilities, marketing, registration and ActiveNet processing fees for the City.  For off-site classes, the spilt is 80% contractor and 20% City.
  • All instructors are required to carry liability insurance for the classes they instruct through the program as well as have a Sierra Madre Business License. 
  • A current copy of your insurance policy and business license will be required when you submit your Instructor/Services Agreement and Contract Class Proposal. 
  • All Instructors/substitutes/aides and assistants teaching classes must be fingerprinted.  Fingerprinting can be arranged through the City of Sierra Madre Human Resources Department.
  • Community Services staff receives and processes all class/activity registration. 

If you would like to receive a contract instructor packet, please send an email request to or call (626) 355-5278.

Older Sierra Madre Americans of the Year, Chosen

The City of Sierra Madre Community & Personnel Services Department and the Senior Community Commission is happy to announce that Jerry and Nan Carlton have been selected as the Older Americans of the Year for Sierra Madre 2012. Jerry and Nan are longtime residents, active members of the Sierra Madre Friends of the Library, Mt. Wilson Trail Race and Wine & Jazz Walk volunteers, past Sierra Madre Athletic Association Board members, strong supporters of the Sierra Madre Civic Club & Senior Lunch Program and much, much more.


The City of Sierra Madre has for over 100 years been the setting for numerous productions, motion and still photography. This picturesque town has appealed to all genres from Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) to the hit television series Glee (2010). Filming in Sierra Madre provides future generations a glimpse of Sierra Madre today and affords student filmmakers the opportunity to shoot school projects at a lesser cost.

Every Film Permit Application is reviewed by the City's Film Monitor, Police Captain, Fire Marshal and the Community and Personnel Services Director to ensure the integrity of the City as well as to address any and all conditions specified. After a Film Permit is issued the Film Monitor will be on site monitoring each companies conduct. An FSO (Fire Safety Officer) and police officer will also be on location if the reviewers deem it necessary. Together with the residents let's continue to have the City captured in film!