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Police Department
Police Department

Reserve Police Officers

Reserve police officers volunteer their time by assisting with a variety of law enforcement duties, from providing additional staffing at special city functions to assisting after natural disasters.  Men and women choose to be reserve officers for several reasons. Some reserve officers are considering a career in law enforcement and serving as reserve police officers helps them gain valuable experience. Other reserve officers are employed in a variety of other fields, but are interested in law enforcement and making Sierra Madre a safer place to live.

Reserve officers must pass the same selection standards as full-time officers and have the same academy and field training requirements. Most reserves work patrol duties as a partner with a full-time officer, but some have enough experience to function in a single-person capacity during their on-duty shift. Reserve officers wear the same uniform and cannot be distinguished by appearance from a full-time officer, and while working, reserve officers carry the same duties and responsibilities as full-time compensated police officers. Sierra Madre reserve officers must work 16 hours per month to maintain their status with the Department.

Reserve officers are vital in filling gaps in personnel needs and save the community in overtime costs with many of the tasks they perform. Several current, full-time police officers began with Sierra Madre as reserve officers.

For more information contact Sergeant Joe Oritz.

Business Watch

The Sierra Madre Police Department Business Watch program is geared specifically to help prevent crime in our local businesses – shoplifting, credit card fraud, business scams and other types of crimes against businesses often begin in one place and move through a variety of local businesses.  By working together, the Police Department and business owners can make others aware of potential problems and report suspicious activities before a crime is committed, and by sharing information, can help in the timely apprehension of criminals.

The Business Watch group currently meets on a quarterly basis. 

Please call Sgt. Ruben Enriquez at (626) 355-1414 if you are interested in joining our Business Watch group.