The City of Sierra Madre has for over 100 years been the setting for numerous productions, motion and still photography. This picturesque town has appealed to all genres from Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) to the hit television series Glee (2010). Filming in Sierra Madre provides future generations a glimpse of Sierra Madre today and affords student filmmakers the opportunity to shoot school projects at a lesser cost.

Every Film Permit Application is reviewed by the City's Film Monitor, Police Captain, Fire Marshal and the Community and Personnel Services Director to ensure the integrity of the City as well as to address any and all conditions specified. After a Film Permit is issued the Film Monitor will be on site monitoring each companies conduct. An FSO (Fire Safety Officer) and police officer will also be on location if the reviewers deem it necessary. Together with the residents let's continue to have the City captured in film!


You can get help to navigate the permitting process for your project by contacting the responsible City department.
Call City Hall at: 626-355-7135.

Special Event Permits - Community Services Manager, Adam Matsumoto in Community Services

The following permits are not currently available online:

Business licenses - Contact Susan Clifton in Administrative Services

Residential and commercial projects - Contact Jen Peterson in Development Services

Projects impacting the public right-of-way, trees and utilities - Management Analyst, James Carlson in Public Works