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Thank you for your interest in being a Contract Instructor for the City of Sierra Madre Community Services Department. 


A Contract Instructor is an Independent Contractor for the City, not an employee.  A Contract Instructor signs a contract with the City to provide classes as described in the contract proposal.  Instructors do not rent our facilities, however a portion of the fees collected are retained by the City to cover facility usage, registration, administration and promotion of your class.


  • The City agrees to pay the contractor 65% of the registration based on the class participants. Payments will be processed three weeks after the class session begins. The remaining 35% will be used to cover costs of facilities, marketing, registration and ActiveNet processing fees for the City.  For off-site classes, the spilt is 80% contractor and 20% City.
  • All instructors are required to carry liability insurance for the classes they instruct through the program as well as have a Sierra Madre Business License. 
  • A current copy of your insurance policy and business license will be required when you submit your Instructor/Services Agreement and Contract Class Proposal. 
  • All Instructors/substitutes/aides and assistants teaching classes must be fingerprinted.  Fingerprinting can be arranged through the City of Sierra Madre Human Resources Department.
  • Community Services staff receives and processes all class/activity registration. 

If you would like to receive a contract instructor packet, please send an email request to or call (626) 355-5278.