Using the Library

Sierra Madre Public Library is a Universal Borrowing Library, serving residents from anywhere in California.

Library Card Applications

Patrons must complete and sign a registration form and be present to receive their cards.

Adult Library Card Registration Form
Child/Young Adult Library Card Registration Form

Patrons must provide 1) acceptable identification and 2) proof of home address Minors under 18 must include parent/guardian’s name and signature, ID and proof of address.  Teachers must include name, address, phone # of school.

There is no charge for the initial Library card application, but replacement cards cost $13.00.

Library cards expire after one year, at which time staff will confirm that registration details are up-to-date. Staff reserves the right to confirm ID during any transaction.

Visitors without library cards may purchase a computer-use only card for $1.00 per day for 2 one-hour sessions.

Confidentiality of Library Records

Staff members and volunteers will maintain the confidentiality of information about library users, their requests for information and materials, the online sites and resources they access, and their loan transactions.   Library staff will not serve in loco parentis and will not monitor or restrict a minor’s account in absence of parental authority.


You must present your library card for all transactions.


Most items may be renewed one time.
Items with a 3 week loan period may be renewed once for 3 weeks dating from the date of renewal.

Exceptions: the following may not be renewed:

  • DVD Rentals
  • Items held or reserved for other patrons
  • Holiday music cds during the holiday season
  • Circulating Reference books
  • Items checked out on vacation loan or a teacher card
  • Items which are overdue if the overdue period already exceeds the renewal period

How to renew

You may renew in the following ways:

  • In person at the service desk (you will receive a printed receipt)
  • By telephone 626-355-7186 (staff will verbally confirm the new date)
  • On the web through your online account. Please confirm the new due dates in your account.
  • By email at You will receive a confirmation email with the new due dates

Holds (reserves)

You may place a hold on an item that is currently checked out, or a new item that is being processed.

You will be notified by phone when the item is ready.

How to place a hold

Loan periods, limits and fines

You are responsible for the payment of all fines and fees charged to your account and to the accounts of your minor children.

Overdue Fines

  • Books, Audiobooks, & CDs - 0.25 per day
  • Children's Books - 0.25 per day
  • DVDs - 2.00 per day

Borrowing privileges may be suspended if the total charges on your account and the accounts of your minor children are greater than or equal to $10.00.

Accounts $10.00 or over must be paid in full before borrowing restrictions are lifted.

Collection Agency

Accounts of $50 or more may be referred to a collection agency if there has been no response two weeks after you were mailed a final bill. A collection fee will be added to the account.

Items claimed returned or never had

If you have received a notice or bill for an item which you believe has been returned or incorrectly attributed to your account, please contact the Library as soon as possible

Lost or damaged materials

Lost or damaged materials will be charged a replacement cost, a reprocessing fee and any fines that have accrued. Replacement cost will depend on the type of material.

Refund Policy

The cost and reprocessing fee of a lost and paid item is refundable if it is returned in good condition within 2 months of the paid date. The library may accept an item for refund after the 2 months limit if it is of special value to the collection.

Other outstanding fines and fees owed to the library will be deducted from the refund.

Refunds are processed by the City of Sierra Madre and will be mailed to the patron within 6 weeks.

The library will not accept a replacement copy of a lost item unless a librarian has agreed to the exchange in advance. A reprocessing fee will be charged, and the cost is not eligible for refund.


You may request material from other libraries through the interlibrary loan service. A non-refundable fee of $5.00 per item is due at the time of the request and you may be asked to pay for postage and other fees (such as photocopying fees) from the loaning library.

Limit of 10 items per year for interlibrary loan, each additional item past the 10 item limit is $28.00 per item.

Most requests are filled within one to two weeks. Popular DVDs and items published within the last 6 months may not be requested.

Materials received from other libraries are usually loaned for 3 weeks unless the loaning library has specific requirements

How to submit an ILL request

ILL requests may be made by completing a form at the Front Service Desk or online through WorldCat