Bear in tree

The residents of Sierra Madre live near natural areas and routinely receive unexpected visits from all types of wildlife seeking food, water and/or shelter. With the cities proximity to the San Gabriel Mountains, wild animals occasionally enter the urban areas of the city and place residents and domesticated animals in danger. The wildlife includes coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats and bears. The presence of unwanted wildlife (or predators), in the back-yards of our residents often times evolves into an emergency and public safety is summoned for help. With the rapid ecological changes in the weather, the police department has seen a huge increase in the number of calls for service in regards to wildlife.

From January through September 2014, the Sierra Madre Police Department responded to 254 calls for service regarding assistance with the wildlife that co-exists with humans in our city. Bears sightings are at the forefront of these types of calls, with officers responding to 222 calls of the 254 calls for service. With the bear population almost doubling over the last 25 years, water and food shortages in the hills above our city, bears are visiting our community out of necessity.

When dealing with incidents involving wildlife, officers do so in the safest manner possible, placing the safety of human beings as its highest priority, while ensuring that all services and tools at its disposal are utilized to provide for the safety of the wild animal. In the event you, a family member, or neighbor believe you are in immediate danger from any type of wildlife, please do not hesitate to call the Sierra Madre Police Department at 626-355-1414 or 911 in an emergency. The Pasadena Humane Society and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife are mutual partners in the effort to control animal related incidents within the City.