Sign Permit

People or businesses wishing to hang signs in the City must apply for a Sign Permit. Both the Sign Permit Application  and Temporary Sign Permit Application should be returned in person with payment to the Planning & Community Preservation Department Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 5:30pm.

The City's sign ordinance strives to:

Provide each sign user an opportunity for effective identification by regulating the time, place and manner under which signs may be displayed;

Ensure freedom of expression for all sign types by maintaining a content-neutral approach to sign regulations;

Regulate the number and size of signs according to standards consistent with the purpose of each zoning district;

Protect the motoring public from visual intrusion and competition for attention that could cause traffic safety issues;

Encourage creative, well-designed signs that contribute in a positive manner to the city's visual environment and help maintain an image of quality for the city; and,

Ensure that signs are responsive to the aesthetics and character of their particular location (adjacent buildings and surrounding neighborhood) and that are compatible and integrated with the building's architectural design, including historic elements, and with other signs on the property.