Allowable Business Types

"P" indicates that this type of business is permitted.

"CUP" indicates that this type of business would require a Conditional Use Permit. Please visit the Planning & Community Preservation Department Monday - Thursday, 7:30am - 2:00pm for assistance in applying for this permit. 

Click here for more information on business licenses and other permits and visit the Sierra Madre Chamber of Commerce for more information about the business community. 
Retail Sales
Alcoholic beverage sales, whether for consumption on or offsite and whether alone or in conjunction with other uses CUP
Antique stores P
Apparel shops and accessories P
Appliance stores (household) P
Art galleries P
Art supply stores P
Bakery shops P
Bicycle shops P
Bookstores P
Confectionary or candy stores; candy making only when incidental to retail sales from premises P
Convenience stores (no liquor sales) P
Delicatessens P
Department stores (a store having separate sections for a wide variety of goods) CUP
Electronic stores (home and office, including repairs) P
Florist shops P
Flower sales, outdoor P
Furniture stores (no on-site manufacturing) P
Gift, novelty, card and souvenir shops P
Glass shops (including edging, beveling, silvering and staining CUP
Grocery stores CUP
Gun shops CUP
Hobby stores P
Home improvement and construction products store CUP
Ice cream stores P
Jewelry stores P
Meat markets P
Music stores P
Newsstand P
Notions or sundries store P
Pet sales (excludes dangerous animals and fish, venomous reptiles and the like) CUP
Pet supply store, excluding sale of pets other than tropical fish or goldfish P
Pottery sales P
Secondhand sales P
Shoe stores P
Sporting good stores P
Stamp and coin stores P
Stationary stores, including mail services P
Supermarkets CUP
Tobacco shops CUP
Toy stores P

Office Uses
Office uses of the business, administrative, service, consulting or professional type P

Service Establishments
Barber and beauty shops P
Bars and cocktail lounges CUP
Catering services CUP
Clothing and costume rental establishments P
Day/health spas P
Dry cleaning, press or laundry CUP
Health clubs or centers, exercise gymnasiums, fitness studios CUP
Lodging - hotels, motels CUP
Locksmith shops P
Machinery equipment and rental services CUP
Mail order houses, internet sales, ecommerce P
Massage therapy P
Medical office, clinics, outpatient CUP
Medical laboratories, research CUP
Nail salon P
Print shops CUP
Pet grooming P
Pharmacy, drug stores P
Photography studios P
Photocopying/duplicating services P
Picture framing stores P
Restaurants CUP
Restaurants and cafes having on-sale license for beer, wine, or other alcoholic liquors in conjunction therewith CUP
Shoeshine stands (in association with shoe stores and must be located within enclosed building P
Shoe repair shops P
Tailor shops P
Transfer, moving and storage of furniture, household and business records goods CUP
Travel agencies P
Veterinary clinics, small animal including incidental boarding CUP

Financial Institutions
Banks P
Savings and loan associations P
Finance companies P

Educational Facilities
Barber and beauty colleges CUP
Business schools CUP
Dancing, art, music, and similar training schools CUP
Professional/vocational schools CUP

Outdoor Displays and Sales Uses
Plant nurseries and related package sales or storage, located within private property CUP

Recreational and Entertainment Facilities
Circuses, carnivals, fairs CUP
Billiard parlors CUP
Bowling alleys CUP
Parks, playgrounds, and other commercial recreation facilities open to the public which are privately owned and operated CUP
Private clubs, fraternities, sororities and lodges CUP
Theaters (excluding open air) CUP

Automobile and Transportation-Related Establishments
Car wash, automated and manual CUP
Painting, detailing service CUP
Parking (surface lot, structure) CUP
Rental or storage facilities CUP
Repair and/or body shops (shall be within enclosed building only) CUP
Service stations (fueling stations) CUP
Utility trailer and truck rental CUP

Residential Uses
Residential uses, including transitional and supportive housing, other than on the ground level, which are consistent with the standards of Chapter 17.28 of this code and any alterations to those standards as may be approved pursuant to a permit issued under this chapter, and except as otherwise provided for parcels subject toChapter 17.35 CUP
Adult Businesses
Consistent with the standards contained in Section 17.36.025 P

Uses set forth in Section 17.60.030(A) CUP