Tree Removal & Pruning Permit

A permit is required to remove or substantially trim a protected tree.  The species that are protected in Sierra Madre include:

California Scrub Oak - Quercus berberidifolia
Coast Live Oak - Quercus agrifolia
Coastal Scrub Oak - Quercus dumosa
Engelmann Oak - Quercus engelmannii
Southern California Black Walnut - Juglans californica
Western Sycamore - Platanus racemosa

All parkway and park trees are also protected.

To apply to remove or substantially trim a protected tree, please use the application below and remit to the Department of Public Works.  There is no fee associated with this permit. Please email the completed application to [email protected].

For additional information on Sierra Madre's Tree Protection and Preservation efforts, please click here.

Protected Tree Trimming/Removal Application