The City of Sierra Madre appreciates the efforts of many residents who have historically been on the forefront of the recycling movement. Beginning with the "Reclamation Center" located in Sierra Vista Park in the 1970's that was managed by the Sierra Madre Environmental Action Council (SMEAC), Sierra Madre has always been a good example of reducing waste that enters the local landfills. Below are a few points of interest regarding recycling in Sierra Madre.

AB939 Compliance
AB939 requires that 50% or more of a city's solid waste be diverted from landfills. With our membership in the Los Angeles Regional Agency (LARA), Sierra Madre and its partners have consistently exceeded the 50% diversion requirement. 

AB341 Compliance
AB341 required that all California cities establish a Mandatory Commercial Recycling program by July 1 of 2012. Due to Athens Services existing practice of taking combined waste of commercial and multi-family accounts to a material recovery facility, Sierra Madre has been able to maintain compliance with this regulation with relatively simple administrative reporting, outreach and tracking. For more information on Mandatory Commercial Recycling in California, please visit the CalRecycle Website.

AB1826 Compliance
Businesses are now required to recycle their organic waste. AB 1826 (Chesbro, Chapter 727, Statutes of 2014) phases in new organics recycling requirements over the next several years to help the state meet its goal of recycling 75% of its waste by 2020. Beginning January 1, 2016, local jurisdictions will be required to implement an organic waste recycling program to divert organics from businesses' waste. For more information, please visit the Los Angeles Regional Agency (LARA) website. Additional information can also be obtained from the CalRecycle Website. 

'Pay-As-You-Throw' Residential Service
Residents of Sierra Madre are charged for trash service based on the size and quantity of their black trash can(s). This financially incentivizes using the blue recycling and green yard waste cans as much as possible. The blue and green cans are free (up to two per account, then a minimal charge for extra).

Recycling Bin at Sierra Vista Park

Included with Athens Services contract is a community recycling bin located in Sierra Vista Park, near the Pioneer Cemetery. This allows residents access to recycling on occasions where they find that their curbside receptacles are overfilled.  This is particularly useful around the holidays. The bin accepts the same materials that are accepted curbside.

Construction & Demolition Recycling Requirements
No less than 65% of all construction and demolition waste must be recycled and/or diverted from landfilling. Applicants may use the City's contract hauler Athens Services, which is contractually obligated to meet the requirement, or obtain an approved Waste Management Plan and post a performance bond.

Christmas Tree Recycling
The City has partnered with Athens Services and the County Sanitation Districts to offer Christmas Tree recycling for over 10 years. Participation is high and the program is very popular with residents. The trees that are picked up count towards the City's efforts to divert them from landfills.