Yard Sale Permit

A permit is required to hold a garage/yard sale. Permits are issued at City Hall Monday - Thursday from 7:30am - 5:30pm. The fee for a yard sale permit is $20 and can be submitted in-person at City Hall. A garage/yard sale may be held at any one address up to three times per calendar year.

Permits must be posted in a conspicuous location at the garage/yard sale site with the receipt attached. Permits are good for two (2) consecutive days. Each day’s sales may be conducted between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

All goods offered for sale should be those of the owner, tenant or occupant of the residence. No new merchandise is to be offered for resale for the purpose of profit.

If you cannot hold your sale on the dates shown on your permit because of rain or some other reason, please call City Hall at 626-355-7135 to reschedule the dates of your sale.

Signs may be posted according to the following guidelines:

Signs are not permitted on Public Property and within the Public Right of way (trees, light or utility poles, traffic control / information signposts or any similar object). Violators are subject to prosecution.

Signs shall not be posted in public view before 6:00am the day of the sale and shall be removed by 8:00pm on the final day of the sale. Signs put up prior to or left after these times may be removed by the City, and the permit holder will be subject to paying the cost of removing these signs.

One (1) sign, no longer than 2 ½ ft. X 2 ½ ft., may be placed on a stake within the parkway directly in front of the property where the permitted sale is to be conducted. Please do not place signs in the street or block any sidewalks. A sign, no larger than 2 ½ ft. X 2 ½ ft., may be placed on or within a car parked on the street. A maximum of 4 cars may be used to advertise a garage sale and only one (1) sign per car.

If you hold a garage sale without first obtaining a permit you will be fined. Please be sure to obtain your garage sale permit ahead of time.