Strategic Planning

The City of Sierra Madre has a long history of planning for its future as evidenced through the number of Management and Master Plans listed in the left-side menu.

Furthermore, the City of Sierra Madre's elected leaders and management staff have met and participated in a Strategic Planning process since November of 2006.  Strategic Planning Retreats are conducted every six months. Participants of the planning session typically include members of the City Council, the City Clerk, the City Manager, City Department heads and members of the public.  As provided in the Brown Act, the agenda for these meetings are posted outside City Hall, on the website, and at the Youth Activity Center.

At each retreat, participants identify new 6-month objectives to work towards the completion of 3-year goals that have been identified.

Currently, the 3-year goals are as follows:
- Achieve water supply stability and independence.
- Achieve financial stability and sustainability.
- Finalize and implement the General Plan update.
- Provide high quality, cost-effective and achievable public services.