Land Use and Permits

Planning & Community Preservation

The Planning & Community Preservation Department is made up of the Planning, Zoning, and Building & Safety divisions.

Planning and zoning divisions are responsible for regulating the type, scale, and land use that may be established at a given location.

Building and safety division is responsible for structural and life safety concerns in the construction, demolition or alteration of buildings.

Services Include:

  • Zoning Review - Reviews projects for compliance with City zoning codes.
  • Plan Check - Reviews project plans and issues permits for all new development and renovation projects.
  • Building Inspections - Inspects and issues certificates of occupancy for all construction projects.
  • Historic Preservation - Advises about historic preservation issues.
  • Environmental Compliance - Monitors and maintains documents and certifications for State and local requirements.
Service Counter Hours
  • Monday through Thursday 7:30am - 2:00pm
  • Closed Friday

Building & Safety Procedures Brochure

2014-2021 Housing Element

2014-2021 Housing Element, Adopted January 28, 2014

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