Sidewalk Dining Permit

Businesses that would like to provide outdoor dining on City sidewalks, must apply for a Sidewalk Dining Encroachment Permit. Applications must be completed and submitted in person to the Public Works Department Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 5:30pm with payment and relevant insurances.

Approval of the application for Sidewalk Dining will be based on the following provisions:

1. General comprehensive liability insurance as specified in SMMC 12.12.50.

2. Tables Beyond Store Facade. Tables within the public sidewalk for outside dining purposes may be placed beyond the limits of the sponsoring store facade length, pursuant to the certain provisions outlined in the SMMC 12.12.50.

3. ADA. The proposed sidewalk uses must comply with the American Disabilities Act and Title 24.

4. Five-Foot Walkway. A minimum five-foot wide continuous walkway for pedestrian use is required.

5. Line of Sight. Objects placed on the sidewalk must not interfere with a safe line-of-sight distance resulting in traffic safety hazards.

6. Lighting. Lighting that might interfere with the safe operation of vehicles or be glaring to pedestrians shall not be used.

7. Clean Sidewalk. The sidewalk must be kept clear of litter and food scraps at all times. The sidewalk must be swept at the end of the business day by the permittee if food is consumed in the sidewalk area. At the determination of the director of public works, a thorough cleaning of the sidewalk may be required to bring the area to a sanitary condition.

8. Umbrella Canopies. The lowest portion of umbrella canopies must be a minimum of six feet eight inches in height and must not obstruct the view of pedestrians or the motoring public in such a way as to create a safety hazard. Chairs, tables/umbrellas shall be of high quality materials and reflect appropriate community design. The director of development services shall approve the color and quality of the furniture.

9. Heat Lamps. Heat lamps are not allowed within the sidewalk dining area.

10. No Overnight Tables. The sidewalk dining area must be cleared of all tables, chairs and other obstacles at the end of each business day.

11. Employee Service. An employee must be available to serve customers as needed and keep the permitted area clean.

12. Umbrella Installation. The bases of the tables with umbrellas must be well maintained, heavily bottom weighted (e.g. sand filled), and removed at the close of each working day/night, No permanent fixture or hole, etc. shall be constructed on the public sidewalk.

13. No Chairs Near Curbs. No chair legs shall be within eighteen inches of the curb facing.

14. Alcohol Sales. On-site sale of alcoholic beverages are prohibited unless authorized via approved conditional use permit and unless a pursuant to a valid license issued by the California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control.