Community Forest Management Plan

The City of Sierra Madre is located at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains in Los Angeles County. The community is proud of its urban forest, which includes many native oaks and sycamores as well as numerous introduced species. Sierra Madre's urban forest directly affects the environment and quality of life that its citizens enjoy.

In 1998, the City Council adopted a Tree Preservation and Protection Ordinance underscoring the City's belief in the value of its urban woodland. The Tree Preservation and Protection Ordinance were updated in February 2014 and will continue to evolve over time to meet the inevitable changes and challenges of tomorrow.

The City of Sierra Madre places a high value on its tree canopy and is committed to the preservation and enhancement of the community forest over the next 50 years. A Tree Preservation and Protection Ordinance protects the community’s trees and the Energy, Environment, and Natural Resource Commission (previously the Tree Advisory Commission) oversees the implementation of the ordinance and makes recommendations to the City Council on management strategies. This Community Forest Management Plan (“CFMP”) provides guidelines for the continued maintenance and improvement of the community forest. This long-term planning document is an essential tool for the community in the long term care and management of the City’s forest.

The CFMP integrates the community forest into the City’s infrastructure and addresses the City’s need for expanding biomass and canopy coverage with its Guiding Principles. Recommendations for future tree plantings focus on the environmental benefits they provide, site appropriateness, adaptability to the local climate, and enhancement of local neighborhood character and aesthetics.

The CFMP defines the standard of care for the forest and provides direction for the future of the forest for the citizens of Sierra Madre. These standards address public trees, but also serve as a guide for the care of private trees. The maintenance guidelines provide clear criteria to allow for the selective removal of undesirable, potentially hazardous, or aging trees. Suitable replacement species are recommended for various areas within the City. The standards of care follow current Best Management Practices to realize the maximum benefits possible from the community forest.

The development of Sierra Madre’s CFMP was a collaboration of community members, decision makers, and City staff. City staff and community stakeholders contributed to the ideals, vision, and guiding principles of the CFMP. Those ideals and principles ultimately serve as the guide for future generations toward a consistent level of care and management of the community forest. The CFMP is a dynamic and living public document that will be a valuable reference available to residents, contractors, and City staff for use in dealing with a wide range of tree-related matters. This CFMP includes long-range policies and guidelines that have been written with enough flexibility to respond to changing conditions over time, yet still provide a consistent standard of care for future generations.

Details can be found on the complete downloadable pdf document.

Community Forest Management Plan