Library Survey



In early February every residential address will receive a survey asking for input on the future of the Library.  The documents gathered here will give additional details on the state and condition of the current Library building and also will provide information relevant to the proposal to move the Library from its current location to the Recreation Center at Sierra Vista Park.  We are posting all available information in our transparency portal in an effort to help residents become better educated on the issue prior to completing the survey.

People have strong feelings about the Library building and the services the Library provides to our community.  This survey will give every household the opportunity to express their opinions on this topic and inform the City Council of the desires of the city as a whole. There is no wrong answer to the survey and we are committed to providing quality Library services to the community regardless of the outcome of the survey.

If, after reviewing the documents, you have additional questions please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] or call me at 626 355 2917.

Thank you in advance for completing the survey and providing direction to the City Council on this important decision.


Library Presentation to City Council 7/11/2017


DRAFT Survey

Survey 2