Private Water and Sewer Service Line Warranties Available for Sierra Madre Property Owners

Private Water and Sewer Service Line Warranties Available for Sierra Madre Property Owners

Sierra Madre, CA. – October 18, 2018 – Over the past few years Sierra Madre has experienced a record number of leaks in the City’s water infrastructure.  During this same time period the City has received a number of reports of leaks on private property; corresponding to a record number of the One-Time Leak Forgiveness Program applications.   At times, residents were unaware a leak on a customer’s line is their financial responsibility to correct. Many factors contribute to the life expectancy of a service line including the age, type of piping material, soil conditions, water chemistry, and installation quality.  While the City maintains, repairs, or replaces public infrastructure, it is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain their service lines. SLWA repair plans provide homeowners with optional insurance which may assist with the unexpected repair costs. 

Sierra Madre has endorsed Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) to offer insurance protection for homeowners in the event of costly repairs associated with water or sewer service line failures. The coverage is voluntary and available to all Sierra Madre property owners. SLWA has partnered with over 440 leading cities and municipalities in the U.S. to provide repair service plans and is endorsed by the National League of Cities.  SLWA and its parent company HomeServe, currently hold A+ ratings with the Better Business Bureau. SLWA has completed more than 1.2 million repairs in the past three years and has more than 3.6 million policies. The City does not receive any financial compensation from HomeServe or SLWA for endorsing this program, and in lieu of receiving royalties, SLWA agreed to reduce the premium rate offered to Sierra Madre residents for this insurance.  This program is voluntary and is provided at no cost to the City of Sierra Madre.  No public funds are used to promote or administer the program.

“This is a great program to those who have old plumbing systems.  This gives residents the opportunity to protect themselves from the costs of catastrophic failure in these systems,” said Council Member Gene Goss.

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