Community Services Commission

The Community Services Commission meets the third Monday of each month at 5:00 pm in the Council Chambers, unless otherwise noted. The Community Services Commission is responsible for overseeing the City’s recreation services and programs, special events, parks and facilities. The Commission provides information and recommendations to the City Council. Examples of programs and services overseen by the Commission include: Aquatics, Special Events, Parks, Teen and Youth Services.

Commissioner Current Term Began Current Term Ends Term Currently Serving
Liza Kerrigan 2018 2022 1st Term
Andy Bencosme 2018 2022 2nd Term
David J.Ouch 2019 2023 2nd Term
Tom Sullivan 2019 2023 2nd Term
Karen Rowinsky 2020 2024 1st Term

Commission Facts
Commissioners do not receive any compensation.
Four Year term of office
Meets the 3rd Monday at 5:00PM in the City Hall Council Chamber
Council Liaison: Rachelle Arizmendi, Council Member
Council Alternate: Kelly Kriebs, Council Member
Staff Liaison: Rebecca Silva-Barron, Community Services Manager