Library Renovation



The Library has a little over $10 Million for renovations divided into two separate grants, funded by the California State Library and federal American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) funds.

  • California State Library Targeted Grant ($10,000,000):
    • ADA & Seismic Upgrades/Improvements
    • GBuilding Expansion & Renovation
    • Improved Green Space
    • Grant Period Ends: March 31, 2026 
  • California State Library Building Forward Infrastructure Grant matched with federal ARPA funds ($669,210 total):
    • Window Replacement
    • Fire Suppression Equipment
    • HVAC Repair and Install
    • Asbestos Abatement
    • Grant Period Ends: March 31, 2026

The Library is excited to use these funds to update our building. When built in 1955, it was expected the Library building would be rebuilt or renovated after 25 years. While the building has received some small expansions, like the meeting room and computer room, there were a lot of deferred maintenance needs along the way. The Library is in desperate need of an upgrade both structurally for seismic retrofitting and ADA compliance and internally to provide better for our growing community. The City has selected TSK Architects to move forward with designing for the Library Meaningful Improvement Project.

Thanks to the Library Board of Trustees, Friends of the Library, City of Sierra Madre, and especially Assembly Member Chris Holden, the Sierra Madre Public Library has secured the aforementioned state and federal funds to renovate the Library building. We look forward to working with TSK Architects to create something wonderful for Sierra Madre. The Library Meaningful Improvement Project was supported in whole or in part by funding provided by the State of California, administered by the California State Library.

Below are documents that are readily available to the public for review. If, after reviewing the documents, you have additional questions please feel free to contact the City Librarian Leila Regan at [email protected] or call the Library at (626) 355-7186.