Construction & Development Activity

Construction & Development Activity information is provided on this webpage and includes projects reviewed by the Planning & Community Preservation Department which require some level of discretionary or administrative review, such as Conditional Use and Design Review Permits. These projects continue to be tracked from the early planning stage to the late construction stage. Small projects, such as room remodels in a residence, are not included on this webpage.

Projects are organized in six categories:

  1. Pre-Application: An applicant has submitted conceptual material to Planning staff for consultation or to demonstrate intent to develop. A pre-application review will not always have material available for online viewing.
  2. Application Under Review: An application and all of its required material submittals has been deemed complete for review by the public.
  3. Application Approved: An application and all of its required material submittals has been approved and is subject to an appeal process.
  4. Plan Check: A project has moved on from Application Approval to construction plan review ("Plan Check") for California Building Code compliancy.
  5. Under Construction: A project has received Plan Check approval and has been issued permits for construction.
  6. Project Complete: A project has completed all necessary aspects. This includes completion of construction as well as projects that do not require construction.

Administrative Approvals

The project notices and descriptions provided on this page are not inclusive of every project in the City and are intended to be in addition to, and not a substitute for, any legal notices required under state or local law.